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Woman lying face down and receiving a shoulder massage

A deep tissue massage is a massage that utilises pressurised strokes to target deeper muscle laye...

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What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Woman face down in massage bed being massaged on the back and arm by another woman

A lymphatic drainage massage alleviates issues that result from the lymphatic system. When fluid ...

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What Are the Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

pregnant woman wearing light brown bra and resting her hands on her pregnant belly

A pregnancy massage is a type of massage performed during pregnancy that aims to help alleviate s...

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What is a Pregnancy Massage?

Woman lying face down on massage bed whilst someone places hot black stones along her back

Research shows that the benefits of a hot stone massage include improved circulation, sleep, immu...

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What Are the Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage?

woman lying down with her eyes closed as a spa clinician spreads cream on her face

An express facial is a facial treatment that focuses on improving skin health in a short amount o...

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What is an Express Facial?

Various PCA Skin products lined up in front of a dark blue background and PCA's logo

PCA Skin is an American skincare brand founded in 1990. The company is well known for its chemica...

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What is PCA Skin?

O Cosmedics Immortal Cream container with red lid in front of white background

O Cosmedics’ Immortal Cream is a cosmedical product designed to fight ageing. It utilises a combi...

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What is O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream?

selection of different ecococo brand products

Ecococo is an Australian skincare brand. Its products are Australian-made, and use coconut oil as...

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What is Ecococo Skincare?

woman with a towel on her lying on a pillow with her eyes closed in a spa

LED light therapy is a skin treatment that utilises light wavelengths to treat conditions such as...

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What is LED Light Therapy?

woman with her eyes closed lying down on a white bed with a white towel on her head getting a chemical peels solution brushed onto her face

A facial peel (chemical peel) is a cosmetic procedure using safe chemicals to gently remove the o...

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What is a Facial Peel (Chemical Peel)?