PCA Skin is an American skincare brand founded in 1990. The company is well known for its chemical peels and range of skincare products. PCA Skin is an industry leader in the skincare space, renowned for innovating and enhancing Jessner’s peels. PCA Skin has a wide product range, made to accommodate people of all skin types, ethnicities and skin conditions. They take a holistic approach to skincare, utilising cutting-edge new ingredients in conjunction with tried-and-true ingredients.

PCA Skin’s philosophy

PCA Skin’s philosophy is that products should deliver healthy, beautiful skin while respecting human health and the environment. The company’s vision is to improve people’s lives with results-oriented skincare solutions. The three pillars of PCA Skin’s philosophy are product innovation, excellence in education and unparalleled customer support.

Product innovation

PCA Skin heavily emphasises a scientific approach to product development. Clinically-backed scientific research is always used as the basis for new products to ensure they are safe and effective. They have an in-house PhD chemist who researches, designs and executes every formula they use. Their holistic approach to skincare combines newer, more effective ingredients with tried and true ones to create visible results. PCA Skin has performed extensive product testing over a number of years to ensure they produce a safe and effective product. They aim to formulate ingredients that are found naturally in the skin and body for maximum compatibility. PCA Skin does not conduct animal testing for any of its products.

Excellence in education

PCA Skin has a high level of expertise in the skincare space. Their peels are widely used by certified aestheticians to ensure the process is safe and effective. PCA Skin has been educating people about skin physiology and the safe use of chemical peels for over 25 years. The company also educates their customers with a wide array of articles in its Skincare 101 blog. These articles explain different skin concerns, skin types, skin routines, and ingredients and even have a section for scientific articles about skincare. 

Unparalleled customer support 

PCA Skin’s customer support team is made up of qualified aestheticians that help to guide people and answer any questions they may have about peels or products. Their customer support representatives can customise your skincare regimen and connect you to a PCA-certified professional in your area. Their customer support extends to aestheticians administering PCA peels. 


various PCA Skin products lined up next to each other in front of a dark blue background and the PCA skin logo


What kind of products does PCA Skin have?

PCA Skin has a wide range of products available for purchase. They sell antioxidants, body treatments, serums, cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturisers and more. These can address skin concerns such as acne, sensitive skin, ageing and discolourations for all skin types. Their Exlinea Pro Peptide Serum is an advanced neuropeptide spot treatment designed to dramatically minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Their Collagen Hydrator hydrates and firms dry or mature skin while infusing it with antioxidants for protection. Their Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Mask provides hydration and rejuvenation to the skin overnight. PCA Skin focuses on helping people find specific products that work best for their own skin. The company provides a recommended skincare routine. The routine begins with a cleanser before moving on to a toner. Next you should apply a corrector and a hydrator. The routine is finished with a protector and mask. 

Is PCA Skin a sustainable company?

PCA Skin works hard to be sustainable. They always look for sustainable sources for materials used in their products. Their sourcing process often involves engineering molecules that would be extracted from a plant to avoid waste. This yields effective ingredients while looking after the long-term health of the environment. Their packaging uses biodegradable cornstarch peanuts, which dissolve in water and don’t leave a lasting effect on the environment. Their printed materials always use forest service-approved paper products.

Where can I buy PCA Skin products?

Mosman Spa is one of the top PCA Skin stockists in Perth. We have a wide range of products available that you can browse here

If you’re unsure which products would suit you best, then feel free to contact one of the friendly Mosman Spa team members – we’ll be happy to answer any questions.