A pregnancy massage is a type of massage performed during pregnancy that aims to help alleviate swelling, pain and stress. Pregnancy massages are performed on body parts such as feet, back and legs. They incorporate different techniques found in other massages, such as lymphatic drainage and foot massages.

Is a foot massage good for pregnancy?

Foot massages can be very beneficial during pregnancy. They alleviate the swelling and discomfort that result from carrying the extra weight of a baby. A 2020 study by Prima, Pangastut, Setiyarini, & Effendy showed how foot massages contributed to lowered cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormonal marker of stress, associated with various adverse health outcomes, including weight gain, bad mood, immune system deficiencies and reduced sleep quality. A 2020 literature review in volume 90 of Midwifery demonstrated a strong correlation between foot massages and reduced anxiety and depression symptoms in pregnant women. Prima et al.’s study also found a strong connection between pregnant women receiving foot massages and a shorter labour period. This is most likely attributed to the lower stress and tension, allowing the body to relax more effectively. However, foot massages may not be ideal for everyone. Results may vary depending on the individual. Consult your doctor for guidance on whether it will suit you.


Is Swedish massage okay during pregnancy?

Swedish massage can be beneficial during pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy cause a variety of bodily discomforts for the pregnant woman. These are due to carrying extra weight that increases tension on certain body parts. This tension causes pain and swelling in the skeletal and circulatory systems. Swedish massage benefits pregnant women by reducing muscle tension and improving circulation and lymphatic flow.  A 2020 study by Mueller and Grunwald  linked relaxation massages to better outcomes during labour.


Is a lymphatic drainage massage good for pregnancy?

Lymphatic drainage massage alleviates swelling symptoms during pregnancy. The lymphatic system regulates fluids in the body.  Fluids sometimes fail to be reabsorbed by tissue and accumulate as pockets of fluid that cause swelling in certain body parts. During pregnancy, this swelling often occurs in the legs. Lymphatic drainage is good for reducing swelling and easing discomfort. A 2013 study by Oportos supports the efficacy of using lymphatic drainage massages to reduce swelling in the limbs of pregnant women.


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Who should avoid a pregnancy massage?

It may be best to avoid pregnancy massage if you have existing conditions that affect the benefits you can receive. For example, high blood pressure may cause hypertension. Hypertension affects circulation, and massages may not help with this. Pre-eclampsia is a condition some pregnant women experience. It manifests as greater than normal swelling, which certain messages aren’t suited to treating. There are specific massages available for women experiencing pre-eclampsia. Pregnancy massages are not always ideal if someone has had recent injuries or surgeries. Massages can affect the body’s natural recovery process. Consult your doctor and your massage practitioner to ensure pregnancy massage is right for you. Contact our friendly Mosman Spa staff  to talk through the details of our pregnancy massage.


Are massages in early pregnancy safe?

Massages in early pregnancy are generally safe. Often they are avoided by pregnant women in the first trimester due to early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and dizziness. There is no current medical evidence suggesting that early pregnancy massages are unsafe. Pregnancy complications occur most frequently during early pregnancy. Massage practitioners typically reserve pregnancy massages for women in their second or third trimester to avoid possible liability.


Pregnancy massage dos and don'ts

There are certain things you should do and certain things you should avoid regarding pregnancy massages.


  • Do get a massage from a trained specialist. Alternative sources, such as nail clinics that offer foot massages with pedicures, are typically not trained to massage pregnant women.
  • Do consult your doctor before booking a pregnancy massage. They will have the best idea of your health condition and what would be appropriate for you.



Where can I get a pregnancy massage in Perth?

Mosman Spa is the best place to get a pregnancy massage in Perth. Pregnancy massages offer many benefits for expectant mothers, and relaxation and relief are essential in those nine months. If you would like to experience a pregnancy massage or one of our other massage treatments, you can book here