An express facial is a facial treatment that focuses on improving skin health in a short amount of time. The procedures involved may vary. The main benefit of an express facial treatment is that it is not time-consuming. It is a good option for people who want to maintain their skin but are short of spare time.

What does an express facial involve?

Express facials vary depending on the clinic conducting them. The main criterion for an express facial is for it to be quick. This eliminates more in-depth or time-consuming procedures from being part of express facials.

At Mosman Spa, an express facial is a 30-minute procedure that includes a double cleanse, manual exfoliation, a hydrating mask and creams to finish. The protocol for the express facial is set at Mosman Spa, but the clinician may use different products depending on what best suits the client’s skin.

A double cleanse is a two-step cleaning procedure for your face. The first cleanse is for removing makeup, dirt and impurities in the skin. The second cleanse is to deal with any residue remaining after the first cleanse. The double cleanse is conducted using the O Cosmedics Nourishing Cleansing Balm for the first cleanse and the O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser for the second cleanse. 

Manual exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells on the outer part of the skin. This allows new skin to become the top layer, giving the skin a bright and youthful appearance. The manual exfoliation is conducted with the O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser and the O Cosmedics 3-in-1 Fruit Peel Mask

The hydrating mask covers the face and infuses it with moisture while the hands and arms get massaged. Moisturising the skin helps with soothing as well as creating a plumper and smoother appearance. The O Cosmedics Hydra Plus Sleep-in Mask or the Aspect Probiotic Mask is used as a hydrating mask. 

Creams provide the skin with a more refined texture and added hydration to end the procedure. They can also provide added protection for the skin after the other steps involved. To finish the procedure, either O Cosmedics Immortal Cream or O Cosmedics Comfort Cream is used and then it is followed up with the O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30+.

What does an express facial feel like?

An express facial feels different depending on how the specialist or company delivers their treatment. Typically, express facials will be relatively painless since they will not involve intense or time-consuming procedures. At Mosman Spa, an express facial is a gentle and relaxing procedure that leaves your skin feeling fresh afterwards. 

woman with her eyes closed getting cream spread on her face by a clinician wearing white gloves

What are the benefits of an express facial?

Express facials have a variety of benefits depending on the procedures involved. Typically, they provide less drastic, short-term benefits. They are a way to maintain your skin health when you’re low on spare time.

At Mosman Spa, express facials are focused on boosting hydration in the skin. Hydrating the skin provides various benefits. It helps to boost the skin’s elasticity, which leads to a brighter and more youthful appearance. Hydrated skin is more resilient and better at resisting potentially damaging environmental factors.

Express facials can be more beneficial when paired with other procedures. LED light therapy, peels, customised infusion, microdermabrasion and alginate masks all help to compound the existing benefits of an express facial. 

Is an express facial right for me?

Express facials are right for you if you’re short on time but value your skin’s health. Certain express facials may not suit you if you have skin conditions that do not respond well to specific procedures. If you are addressing a more specific and significant skin concern, express facials may not be sufficient. It’s always important to consult your clinician if you are unsure about a procedure being right for you. Get in touch with our helpful Mosman Spa staff if you have questions about our express facials.

How is an express facial different from a standard facial?

An express facial is different from a standard facial in how long it takes. An express facial is designed with time sensitivity in mind. A standard facial will typically take longer and be more focused on providing a specific type of treatment. Express facials may include a few different procedures to pack a more varied set of benefits into a shorter span of time.

Where can I get an express facial in Perth?

Mosman Spa offers express facials in Perth. We have two premises, located in Mosman Park and Cottesloe. Our experienced professionals will make you reimagine the skin benefits you can experience in a short span of time. Have a look at our full range of skin treatments here.