O Cosmedics’ Immortal Cream is a cosmedical product designed to fight ageing. It utilises a combination of medical-grade ingredients such as V8 Peptide Complex and natural ingredients like shea butter to hydrate and protect the skin. The cream works to eliminate lines and wrinkles, leading to a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Who are O Cosmedics?

O Cosmedics are an Australian skincare brand. They utilise medical-grade ingredients to create products that provide real and lasting benefits for the skin. O Cosmedics has become a leading skincare brand thanks to its science-based approach to product development. Their product range is entirely vegan, cruelty-free and devoid of nasties like parabens and petrochemicals. They are endorsed by a number of skin experts as a reliable brand with a terrific assortment of products. 

What ingredients are used in O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream?

O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream contains a mix of natural and medical-grade ingredients that work together to fight the signs of ageing. Some of the main synthetic ingredients in Immortal Cream include V8 Peptide Complex, L-ascorbic acid and sodium hyaluronate. The V8 Peptide Complex is a proprietary vitamin A compound owned by O Cosmedics. L-ascorbic acid is a specific type of vitamin C naturally found in human skin. Sodium hyaluronate is a type of sodium salt found in various connective tissues within the body. Some of the natural ingredients present in Immortal Cream are olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil, all sourced directly from their respective plants. 

What are the benefits of O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream?

O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream provides a variety of anti-ageing benefits from all of its different ingredients. The V8 Peptide Complex works as a topical muscle relaxant for the facial muscles. It reduces the neurotransmitters that cause muscle contractions, relieving tension and helping to eliminate lines and wrinkles. The structure of skin cells is targeted to provide a lasting effect. The L-ascorbic acid functions as both an antioxidant and a hydrator bringing moisture to the skin. This makes it plump and firm while protecting it from free radicals. Sodium hyaluronate is great at penetrating deeper layers of skin to provide moisture and anti-inflammation. Olive oil is great at moisturising the skin and reducing irritation. Shea butter works to help hydrate the skin and soften it thanks to its fatty acids and vitamins. Jojoba oil is a native oil for Australia that can help dry skin through its anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to use O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream

To use O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream, employ one to two pumps on the specific areas you are looking to treat. These are typically the eyes, face and throat. The cream can be used in the morning or evening, or both, depending on what a professional has recommended. The  Immortal Cream can be used in tandem with other O Cosmedics products for even more effective results. Using it alongside the O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance Serum boosts your anti-aging results even further. Using it in tandem with the Mineral Pro SPF 30+ Sunscreen protects your skin further and prevents the signs of ageing before they occur.

Where can I find O Cosmedics' Immortal Cream stockists in Australia (Perth)?

Mosman Spa is one of the top stockists in Perth for O Cosmedics products, including the Immortal Cream. Check out our range of O Cosmedics products here. O Cosmedics products contain medical-grade ingredients, so they require a password to purchase. Simply contact a friendly Mosman Spa staff member for more information.