O Cosmedics is one of Australia’s leading skincare brands that has built a reputation for improving Australians’ skin. O Cosmedics works with scientists and cosmetic chemists to take a clinical, science-based approach to skincare. The company wants everyone, no matter their age or stage of life, to feel happy in their skin. O Cosmedics is endorsed by thousands of skin experts as a renowned skincare brand with a strong focus on confidence, youth and skin health.

What makes O Cosmedics skincare different?

What makes O Cosmedics different is that it creates cosmedical skin products instead of cosmetics. Cosmedical skin products (otherwise known as cosmedics) are skincare designed with scientific research and incorporate clinical ingredients to maximise results.

O Cosmedics believe that years of innovation and medical contributions have helped skincare move past simple relaxation and move toward skin correction. This means that they incorporate medical science into their skin products. Products can treat the skin on a cellular level to help people regain normal skin function.

This is why shoppers on the Mosman Spa O Cosmedics page require an exclusive password to purchase O Cosmedics products, as one of our experts needs to ensure that it’s the optimal fit with your skin. However, this is a simple process – a short call or email exchange will be enough to assess what cosmedic is best for you. 

Good skincare provides confidence

O Cosmetics is determined to use skincare as a way of building confidence. They believe that confidence can help lead to empowerment and want to use their cosmedics to help build up their customers and let them fall in love with their timeless beauty. O Cosmedics believes that getting good skin results is not a process to be rushed and requires a daily commitment to a skin routine. They use medical-grade ingredients and cutting-edge cosmetic science to provide top-quality skin care with a wide range of benefits. Many of their products work on changing the skin’s cell structure to slow ageing and accelerate rejuvenation and healing.

What type of skincare do O Cosmedics produce?

O Cosmedics has managed to develop a range of compounds and ingredients through their research and development. For example, they have exclusive rights to the V8 Peptide Complex, which is highly regarded by skincare professionals for its anti-aging properties. They have also developed the OLIVEM 1000-Crystal Skin, a Biomimetic restructuring agent. This uses cream bases to mimic the structure of skin barriers and keep the skin’s surface healthy and robust by preventing a range of skin concerns. 

They have a broad range of products to suit your skin needs. Their cleansers and exfoliants are the perfect way to unclog your pores and make your skin feel clean and fresh. Their skin correctors are ideal for neutralising the look of your skin and giving you an even complexion throughout. Their treatment hydrators are just what you need for plumping up and hydrating your skin to help improve the texture. Their Immortal Cream is one of their most popular hydrators. The Eye Youth range from O Cosmedics is the ideal way to lessen the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Their Calm and Protect SPF 30+ range features products that can help protect all skin types from the sun. 

Is O Cosmedics a sustainable company?

O Cosmedics is committed to being environmentally conscious. They blend organic ingredients with essential oils to produce high-performance skincare that is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-friendly, and Australian-made. In addition, their products ensure not to contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colours or fragrances, chemical fragrances or SLS. 

How can I buy O Cosmedics products?

Mosman Spa is a leading O Cosmedics stockist in Perth, Western Australia. The Mosman Spa team have a long history of using O Cosmedic products and can help recommend which cosmedics will deliver the most impactful and quickest results for you.

You can book a consultation or treatment by clicking here. Alternatively, contact our team, and we’ll guide you through finding your perfect O Cosmedic product.

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