Rose Quartz Set



Gua sha is an ancient Chinese traditional medicine and has been used within Chinese medicine for centuries, it is used for energy flow and blood circulation. The technique can be used on the whole body and is traditionally quite vigorous—using a flat tool, the skin is scraped until red.

Rose Quartz – Considered an 'emotional healer' and the stone of compassion and all things love-related, rose quartz is the best for detoxing, lifting and softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins and negativity.


  • Blood circulation
  • Reduces puffiness/dark circles
  • Energy flow
  • Acupressure
  • Lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins
  • Improves skin elasticity 
  • Smoothing out the look of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Enhances product absorption 
  • Can help to move qi (energy in the meridians) (in acupuncture & Chinese medicine it opens pathways in the body along which is vital for energy to flow) 

Use all three of these tools in your daily skin care routine to see phenomenal results. Works best with your serums/moisturiser 

How to Use

Apply a face serum or oil  to your clean and dry face and neck.. Using light pressure, massage across the face and neck using the below technique for at least one minute (3-5 minutes is ideal).